About Us

Millennial Christian Newlyweds.

These three words could, for the most part, sum up who we are. But truth be told, such overarching categories barely even scratch the surface when we think about how these descriptors actually play out in our daily lives. So, if you want to know more, that’s really what this blog is for. Through this blog we hope to give you small glimpses into our rather ordinary, everyday lives and by sharing some of our thoughts and ideas, hopes and struggles, questions and revelations, we hope that you will see glimpses of how we wrestle with things like faith, culture, and marriage. As you learn more about us, we hope that through comments and conversations we can also learn more about you.

We are not writers, at least not professionally, at least not yet. So please extend grace regarding typos or strange grammar. We will try our best to express our thoughts clearly and concisely whenever possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this “About Us”. We invite you to explore our blog and hopefully get a better glimpse of who we are.


Chrissy & Jeff Kaetzel

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