Restoration & Starting Over

IMG_7736.JPGWhen we first moved into our apartment, a lovely couple from our new church gave us this beautiful pot of flowers outside our front door. I was so touched and felt especially welcomed by this gift. I genuinely appreciated these flowers and yet in the busyness off unpacking and settling in, I could not for the life of me remember to water these flowers. And so, in the Santa Barbara warmth, this beautiful pot of flowers promptly died after about a week. Sadly, I still kept this pot, full of dead flowers, outside our door for at least a month and a half. For some reason, I held on to this crazy idea that one day I’d take the time to try and rehabilitate them, but I never seemed to get around to it. Then, in mid-September, I was given a packet of wildflower seeds. As soon as I saw the seeds, I knew that I wanted to plant them in the pot outside our front door. And so, a few days later, I finally decided to examine the poor pot of flowers that I had previously neglected for over a month.
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