A Response to John MacArthur


We cannot dismiss the deep history of pain and torment that African American and other minority communities have suffered through for hundreds of years. 

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, here is the video of John MacArthur’s response to a question about the biblical response to what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I am also appalled at Mr. MacArthur’s assertion of how the police force are the moral force that keeps evil people at bay. Mr. MacArthur, brokenness and fallenness are present in police forces as well. We must recognize that racism is a systemic problem. It is evident not only in police forces, but housing authorities, college admissions and bank loans. Systemic racism has been an ingrained part of United States history. It’s not pretty, but it is absolutely a part of our history. We have to own up to it and recognize it for what it is.

Something else that Mr. MacArthur brings up in his video is the idea that the police forces are biblically mandated (Romans 13:4) to do away with evil men. There are evil men that we need law enforcement to protect us from, but we also have to recognize how sin has corrupted the very institutions that were established to protect us. The system that was designed to protect all citizens does not protect them all equally.

That does not mean all police officers and law enforcement officials are racists. Do not mistake what I say as anti-police or anti-law enforcement. I know too many good men and women serving in law enforcement to drag their good names and reputations through the mud. I am merely trying to admit the reality of systemic racism being present in many law enforcement agencies. Not all cops are racist, but their are racist cops.

These cops are the ones who use their power and authority to continue the cycle of evil that they were supposed to protect the public from. The issue is more than just the defamation of police officers. The issue stems from systemic problems where minority communities are arrested and incarcerated at alarmingly higher rates than those of majority white neighborhoods.

Something that Mr. MacArthur gets egregiously wrong is that we have cultivated a culture of constant defamation and disregard for law enforcement. Granted, I will admit that there are individuals that will, under no circumstance, give respect to law enforcement officials. Those individuals do not make up the majority.

It goes deeper than mere defamation and disrespect. It is an issue of not being able to trust the intentions of law enforcement officials. There have been too many deaths of black men and other minorities while they were following the instructions of police officers. How is it possible to trust law enforcement when people of color follow their instruction, and are still shot and killed? The law enforcement agencies are not the the grandiose, morally sound entities that Mr. MacArthur eludes to in this video.

The same forces given the sword to protect are capable of continuing the cycle of violence, hatred and fear that have cost too many lives.

American society will not get better if the police are given unchecked authority. Individuals are fallen and broken, which include those in law enforcement. We constantly need to surrender ourselves to Jesus Mr. MacArthur. We do not have the capability of making society better. That is only possible with Christ’s regenerating power at work in our lives.


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