Crazy Love

I recently got done reading through Crazy Love by Francis Chan. The book itself was an excellent read because it made me wrestle with the idea that God is so crazy in love with humanity that he was willing to sacrifice His only son for our sakes. Now, that seems like the cheesy Sunday school answer, but hear me out.

Why it is so crazy is because it is hard for us to grasp how much love that God truly showed when Christ died on the cross. I’m sure you have heard the saying “people do crazy things when they are in love.” It is no different with God. God did something that was unprecedented, unexpected, and underserved to provide a way for reconciliation to happen. That reconciliation, provided a way for humanity, who had walked away from God, to find their way back to their creator.Read More »

Death & Resurrection

To be completely honest, I wasn’t really feeling Easter this year. Perhaps it was just the busyness of the season (after all, I do work in a church office) or maybe it was more that I hadn’t really given myself time to prepare my heart and mind to embrace the joy of the resurrection. Whatever the case was, I have been struggling to figure out why instead of hope, I felt dread. Then I read this:
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