“Hey God”

When I was in high school, there was a girl in my youth group who seemed to have an odd way of praying. She and I weren’t necessarily close friends, more like acquaintances. Her and I had different circles of friends, went to different schools and were separated by three grades. Needless to say, the only way that her and I were connected was our youth group. Even though she and I were different in age, as well as groups of friends, I remember her specifically because she would always begin her prayers (when we prayed as a group) with the phrase “Hey God.” This always puzzled me. It was awkward, I hadn’t heard anyone prayer like that. Who was she to think that we could begin praying by a simple “Hey God?”
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To start a blog or to not start a blog…

The thought of starting a blog terrifies me, yet again and again I have come across this idea and felt compelled to just give it a try. I’ve fought this feeling for years, doubting that my thoughts and ideas had any value, refusing to let myself believe my words could ever have any sort of impact. And well, maybe they still won’t, maybe this blog will remain hidden in obscurity in the vast world of the Internet. And quite honestly, I would be okay with that, because at the very least, I will have finally released these thoughts that have been trapped in my head for far to long. At last, these ideas will be free to run wild in the World Wide Web.

My husband has been bugging me to write for years. Even back when we were just dating, he somehow saw something in me that I wasn’t quite ready to embrace and every now and then he’d give me a gentle nudge and encourage me. “You should write a book”, or “you should start a blog”, he’d say after hearing me passionately spew a thread of thoughts about who knows what. But every time I would shrug it off. I didn’t want to be just another self-consumed millennial longing for my voice to be heard or thinking that I was somehow given profound revelations that needed to be read by the whole world. No, I was perfectly fine keeping my ideas to myself.

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